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A Guide to Pricing

Choosing the ideal fence for your space involves balancing aesthetic appeal with your practical needs, and we’re here to make that process straightforward and satisfying. This guide offers a glimpse into the wide array of fencing solutions we provide, tailored to accommodate different styles, functionalities, and budgets. We crafted this guide to simplify your journey through the many choices available, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your property’s unique character and your specific security needs. Every project we undertake is distinct, and we pride ourselves on delivering personalized, precise solutions that align with your vision.
For an accurate, tailor-made quote that considers the nuances of your project, please reach out to us. At Landworks Fence LLC, we’re dedicated to transforming your fencing ideas into reality with unmatched quality, professionalism, and dedicated customer service. Let’s create something remarkable together.
Please note, the prices and options listed here are just a starting point. Our offerings are extensive and customizable, with costs varying according to materials, sizes, installation techniques, and additional enhancements such as no-dig installations, driving posts, or opting for conventional methods with post inserts and heavy wall posts for superior stability.


Factors Impacting the Pricing of Fencing

  • Material Quality and Grade: The quality and grade of vinyl material directly impact the price. Higher-grade vinyl, which offers increased durability and a more refined appearance, will be more expensive but can offer better longevity and less maintenance over time.
  • Height and Style Customization: The height of the fence plays a significant role in pricing. Taller fences, especially those approaching the 7-foot to 8-foot range, require more material and support, thus increasing the cost. Additionally, the fence style (privacy, semi-privacy, picket) influences the price, with full privacy options typically being the most expensive due to the additional material needed.
  • Installation Complexity – The cost of installation can vary based on several factors:
    1. Hard Digging Conditions: Rocky soil, roots, or other underground obstructions can make digging post holes more challenging, requiring additional labor or special equipment.
    2. Special Tools and Core Drilling: In cases where fencing needs to be installed on concrete or rocky terrain, core drilling may be necessary to secure the fence posts, adding to the cost.
    3. Grade of the Land: Uneven or sloping terrain can complicate installation, requiring extra work to ensure the fence is level and stable.
    4. Post Installation Method: The method used to install the fence posts can affect the price. Options include driving posts directly into the ground or setting posts in concrete. Setting posts in wet concrete is generally more stable and durable but can increase the overall cost due to the materials and labor involved. Driving posts and sleeving vinyl makes for a heavily supported fence and less soil disruption and mess.
    5. Post options: Heavy wall posts are available and are double in thickness from a standard post. This option, while costing more provides more strength from wind and the notable shake in the fence. Aluminum post inserts are also available. Standard post size is 5”x5”

Height Options and Additional Features

All fencing can be customized to heights from 3 feet, suitable for decorative purposes or to demarcate boundaries, up to 8 feet for enhanced privacy and security. When selecting the height, consider the purpose of the fence and any local regulations or HOA rules that may apply.

Customization and Accessories:

Adding decorative elements, gates, or enhanced security features can also affect the final cost of your fencing project. While these additions can increase the price, they also offer opportunities to tailor the fencing to your specific aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.


Most all fencing is versatile, attractive option for many homeowners and businesses looking to enhance their property’s appearance and security. By understanding the factors that impact the pricing, including installation complexities and customization options, you can make informed decisions that align with your budget and goals. Always consult with a professional fencing contractor who can provide detailed estimates and guide you through the selection process to ensure your fencing project meets your expectations and needs.

Vinyl Fencing

Fence Type · Style · Price Per Section · Notable Features
  • Vinyl Privacy – Full Privacy, $280-$600 – Complete seclusion, low maintenance
  • Vinyl Semi-Privacy – Semi-Privacy, $300-$700 – Balances privacy and airflow, durable
  • Vinyl Picket – Picket, $265-$450 – Traditional aesthetic, easy to install

When considering vinyl fencing for your property, you’re choosing a durable, low-maintenance solution that offers a clean, aesthetic appeal for any setting. Vinyl fencing is available in a variety of styles, including privacy, semi-privacy, and picket options, and can be customized to fit heights ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet, catering to a wide range of needs from decorative purposes to privacy and security.

Aluminum Fencing

Grade · Style · Price Per Section · Notable Features
  • Residential – Aluminum Standard, $220-$350 – Lightweight, durable, suits home environments
  • Commercial Grade – Aluminum Enhanced, $280-$600 – Higher durability, for increased security needs

Aluminum Fencing Options

  • 2 and 3 Rail Designs: Our aluminum fencing is available in both 2-rail and 3-rail designs, allowing you to choose the perfect style to match your property’s aesthetic and security needs. The 2-rail design offers a sleek, minimalist look, ideal for those seeking a subtle boundary demarcation without obstructing the view. The 3-rail design, on the other hand, provides additional strength and security, making it a great choice for areas requiring a higher level of protection.
  • Flush Bottom: For those concerned with safety, particularly in spaces frequented by children and pets, our flush bottom aluminum fences are an excellent choice. This design eliminates any gaps between the ground and the bottom rail, ensuring a safe enclosure without compromising on style. It’s especially suited for pool areas, playgrounds, and backyards, providing a secure barrier without the risk of tripping or entrapment.
  • Traditional Bottom: Our traditional bottom aluminum fencing features a classic design with a slight gap between the bottom rail and the ground. This style is ideal for those who prefer a traditional aesthetic, offering elegance and security while allowing for a bit of visibility and air flow beneath the fence. It’s perfect for gardens, front yards, and patios, blending seamlessly with various landscaping styles.

    Wood Fencing

    Fence Type · Style · Price Per Section · Notable Features
  • Wood Privacy – Tongue & Groove, $300-$580 – Seamless look, high privacy Cedar
  • Wood Semi-Privacy – Shadowbox, $300-$550 – Aesthetic appeal, allows airflow
  • Wood Picket – Traditional Picket, $220-$500 – Classic design, customizable height
  • Wood Stockade – Stockade, $160-$250 – Sturdy, economical privacy option

Landworks Fence LLC is dedicated to providing a broad spectrum of high-quality fencing materials and configurations to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you’re aiming for aesthetic appeal, durability, or a blend of both, our range of wood and metal options—including pressure-treated wood, cedar, various post shapes, and metal-backed posts—ensures that every project can be customized to your exact specifications.

Pressure-Treated Wood: The Sturdy Foundation

Pressure-treated wood stands as a pillar of strength and longevity in the world of fencing. Treated under high pressure to infuse preservatives deep into the wood fibers, this material resists decay, insects, and the elements, making it an ideal choice for posts that will stand strong for years to come. Its robust nature makes pressure-treated wood a cost-effective option for those prioritizing durability and long-term value.

Cedar: Natural Beauty and Resistance

Cedar remains a sought-after fencing material due to its inherent beauty, natural resistance to rot and insects, and minimal shrinkage. Its rich tones and ability to gracefully age into a silver-gray patina make cedar a top choice for those seeking a fence that combines durability with a natural aesthetic. Cedar’s lightweight nature also makes it a versatile choice for various designs and installations.

Post Options: Square, Round, and Metal-Backed

Square and Round Posts: We offer both square and round posts in pressure-treated wood and cedar to accommodate different design preferences and structural requirements. Square posts provide a traditional look and a solid foundation, while round posts offer a rustic appeal and are often used in ranch-style and agricultural settings.
Metal-Backed Posts: For the ultimate in durability and strength, our metal-backed post options, including chain-link posts and the PostMaster system, offer a metal core with a wood or vinyl exterior. This provides the structural integrity of metal with the aesthetic appeal of wood or vinyl, ideal for those looking for a fence that withstands severe weather and heavy use without sacrificing style.

Chain-Link Fencing Options and Pricing

Height · Material · Color · Price Per Linear Foot · Notable Features
  • 4ft Chain-Link – Galvanized, $20-$28 – Cost-effective, durable, provides security
  • 4ft Chain-Link – Black Coated, $22-$30 – Aesthetically pleasing, rust-resistant
  • 5ft Chain-Link – Galvanized,$24-$32 – Increased height for better security
  • 5ft Chain-Link – Black Coated, $23-$32 – Blends with landscape, enhanced durability
  • 6ft Chain-Link – Galvanized, $25-$35 – Maximum security and privacy
  • 6ft Chain-Link – Black Coated, $26-$40 – Superior protection, modern look

Our commitment to quality and durability is evident in our selection of materials, especially when it comes to chain-link fencing. We understand that the foundation of a durable fence lies in the strength of its posts, which is why we offer a range of options from standard tubing to the more robust SS40.
Standard tubing posts, while adequate for many applications, may not always provide the resilience required for more demanding environments. Recognizing this, we strongly recommend the SS40 posts for those in need of enhanced durability and strength. The SS40 posts are a step up in terms of thickness and strength, designed to withstand harsh conditions, heavy use, and the energetic activities of pets, especially dogs.
Our choice to use 8-gauge fuse-bonded mesh, far stronger than the common 9-gauge options, complements the robustness provided by SS40 posts. This combination ensures a chain-link fencing system that is not only tough and durable but also capable of offering superior security and longevity. The SS40’s increased thickness provides a formidable barrier against physical stress, making it an excellent option for both residential and commercial properties concerned with security and durability.